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Welcome to the Foundation Protecting the helpless child!
Helpless Children
Protecting the Helpless Child Foundation (FPND) is an organization established in the USA but working directly with a global foundation serving the needs of all helpless/homeless children. This organization is concern about helpless children, both physical and spiritually. This condition motivates us to work towards finding a permanent solution where we as a non-profit organization will do in God the best we can to help and provide a future to all helpless children.

Protecting the Helpless Child Foundation (FPND) is a non-profit organization, motivated by Christian principles to stop the physical and spiritual hunger of the needy (Homeless and Hopeless Children). However to accomplish this purpose we seek to be in an integral way, so we do it taking into account the following areas, which are part of every child and adult. LEARN MORE


OUR VISION: Our vision is a community where everyone working as one man are firmly committed to a better future where the community and its people move toward God-given potential:

• Preparing to progress beyond the satisfaction of their (children) basic needs.
• We have a growing group of Christians who in God believe in loving every human no matter what its religion is but more important to unity our efforts to help the ones in need (children). LEARN MORE

Three Associated Groups: Churches, Leaders, Families;

If we are not careful, the VOG (Vision of God) can be considered as a target parallel to the projects, instead of integrated results from any action you make FPND. VOG is not a program. It is our mutual goal. To help integrate three partner groups and objectives guide the planning, implementation and evaluation. Any activity in FPND should contribute to these three objectives VOG. We must seriously question anything that does not. Why choose these three groups? God made the election in his plans for the communities. • The churches are the key vehicle of God to advance His Kingdom. (Eph. 3:10-11). Objective: Churches are increasingly reaching their community. • Leaders are chosen by God to govern and protect a community (Heb. 13:17). Objective: Leaders resolved, increasingly, the problems in their community. • Families are the foundation of God for society (Gn.2: 18) Objective: The families meet, increasingly, their mutual needs.

The Churches in a Community:

 The "church" is a specified groups of people followers of Jesus Christ in a local community. The term does not mean buildings. By "reach" we mean a holistic approach, meet the physical, social, spiritual and mental. In practical terms, we relate to the churches as follows: • We respect the role of local churches. If we neglect, FPND can serve in a community and forget the local church. We want the glory be to God and the churches, not FPND. • Serve and train church leaders. We equip churches with vision, training and examples of how to help others. Do not ask the churches to serve the agenda of programs or FPND, but we help them discover God's plan using their own resources. • Participate with local churches. All staff must participate in a local church. In doing so, we draw. We also help our local church to give to others. This can happen in our church and the community.

Families in a Community:

By "family" we mean the family (parents and children) and other relatives (grandparents, uncles and cousins). Children are of particular importance because they are the key to the future. In practical terms, we relate to families as follows: • The respect and build. We recognize parents as the authority of God over every family. • We train and prepare its members. We share biblical principles about God's intentions for the family and help them apply these principles. We prepare parents so they can provide for the physical, spiritual, social and mental health of children.
05.15.16 - Missionary Lunch
Lunch to raise funds for helpless children around the globe
04.30.16 -
Tournament/Family Day - in Tampa to raise money and join the community in Lutz, FL
07.30.16 - Mission Trip
Planning a Mission Trip to Haiti.
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